Beast and Birds Showdown

While sitting on my back porch this morning, I saw two large black birds standing in our garden adjacent to our hen-house.

The northeast view from our back porch window.

I squinted and got up from my seat to get a better look, and I saw that they were vultures, just standing there beside our well-house.

I went out to shew them away and to see why they were there, thinking there were probably dead animals out there.

But when I got to where they were, I saw all our birds (chickens, ducks and turkeys) alive, standing at the fence on the outside looking in at them. It was like they were having a staring contest — a showdown at sundown, only it was 8:30 in the morning!

A portion of our flock at mid-day pecking at the ground.

I was yelling at the vultures, briefly thinking this may not be such a smart move, but I did so anyway, and they flew out of the garden and into the side pasture.

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The Cost of Our Milk

Our kids love cereal, particularly our boys. I think they would eat it all day, every day if I let them. But I don’t.

However, I’m fine with letting them drink as much milk as they want. That’s because our milk comes from our own animals.

This is a chore my husband is not particularly fond of, and he often wonders if the cost of obtaining that milk is truly appreciated by all those who consume it.

So, in the interest of having our kids better understand the cost of our milk, I started having them recently go out with my husband each time he milked and be a part of the process.  Continue reading “The Cost of Our Milk”

Breakfast is Served: Eggs a la Wiggle

This morning on our day off from work, my husband served me this delicious dish. He calls it Eggs a la Wiggle.  🙂

Eggs a la Wiggle

For the past several months, my husband has been using his culinary gifts in creating delectable dishes containing our farm fresh eggs and grass-fed beef, with cheese and garden greens purchased from the local grocery store.

This morning he made his way out to our gardens to gather fresh greens, some of which he planted last season and some this past December. These beautiful greens are what you see in the above masterpiece. 😛

Here is a gallery of the ingredients used and the process by which he assembled the final product:  Continue reading “Breakfast is Served: Eggs a la Wiggle”