Breakfast is Served: Eggs a la Wiggle

This morning on our day off from work, my husband served me this delicious dish. He calls it Eggs a la Wiggle. Ā šŸ™‚

Eggs a la Wiggle

For the past several months, my husband has been using his culinary gifts in creating delectable dishes containing our farm fresh eggsĀ andĀ grass-fed beef, with cheese and garden greens purchased from the local grocery store.

This morning he made his way out to our gardens to gather fresh greens, some of whichĀ he planted last season and some this pastĀ December. These beautiful greens are what you see in the above masterpiece. šŸ˜›

HereĀ is a gallery of the ingredients used and the process by which he assembled the final product:Ā 

It was delicious! Of course, the scrumptious aroma that filled the air whileĀ it was being preparedĀ contributedĀ greatly to the dining experience.

While there were some greens that had a slight biteĀ to them, itĀ was easily masked by all the other familiar favored flavors.

What a treat! And aĀ blessingĀ to haveĀ the majority of this dish, to include the eggs, the meat and all these greens, coming from our own backyard. How cool is that.Ā šŸ˜‰

Author: Homesteader's Wife

Carrie works alongside her husband of fourteen years, home schooling their three children while helping maintain their homestead in rural Virginia.

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