About Us

We are the Wiggles.

We live in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains,  homesteading in our own style. While we currently raise cows, goats, ducks and chickens, in the past we’ve had turkeys and rabbits too. We gather eggs, milk our own cows and goats, and make our own dairy products. We grind wheat and make our own bread, occasionally soak and sprout grains, and each year grow our own fruit, vegetables and greens, preserving any abundance for future use.

We are also a home schooled bunch…not just learning reading, writing and arithmetic, but also how to live off the land and care for our livestock, how to run a household and care for our family, how to improve our health and better care for our bodies.

We believe we can better serve our community as we learn to live more autonomously. Our hope is to inspire and encourage others as we walk out this homesteading experience and share what we’re learning along the way.  (We are by no means “experts”, but we’re doing the best that we can…daring to step out in faith and getting it done.)

So there you go…a little bit about us. Welcome to the WiggleCulture. 🙂